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Mold Removal

Molds can be a major problem in any home or work environment.  They have the potential to produce allergens, irritants, or potentially toxic substances.  Inhaling or touching mold can be very dangerous.  1st Response Restoration is available for comprehensive inspections to assess the extent of the problem. If contaminated areas are discovered through testing and visual inspection, we work to develop a remediation plan in collaboration with the client.

1st Response Restoration’s expert crews use only non-toxic, environmentally safe enzyme technology to treat microbial growth.  Our high tech equipment treats the air, surfaces, wall cavities, and heating/vent/air conditioning systems.  Areas that need containment from non-contaminated areas will be sealed using 6 millimeter polyester sheeting, as needed. Air scrubbers and/or negative air machines are used when demolition is necessary and prior to treatment to clean the air and prevent cross contamination. Compromised building materials will be sealed and removed.